10 Things that only Indians can do with ease

India boasts of a rich and vibrant culture. India’s rich and vibrant culture also features some very peculiar habits of its people. Here are 10 things that we, Indians excel at:

1. The missed call phenomenon

Indians excel at communication. While we enjoy talking, we love communicating in the most economical way possible. Back in the late 1990s and early 2000s, incoming calls were not free. So, we devised an intelligent way to communicate- The missed call. The use cases for this “missed call” were plenty. From communicating that one reached a destination safely, one would “give a missed call” to letting someone know that they should call via the landline one would “give a missed call”.

2. Indians love everything spicyyyyyy

No kidding, absolutely no kidding! I was once at an Italian restaurant, and the elderly waiter told me “We have pasta primavera with Andouille, very spicy” and gestured a thumbs up before I even uttered a word!

3. Cash Cash Cash

We loving using cash, everywhere! From gold purchases to apparel purchases. Its amazing how even the shopkeepers quote a rate for cash purchases and another rate for card transactions. Wow!

4. Jaywalking

Take a walk on the popular Journal Square in NJ or Artesia Boulevard in Los Angeles, and you’ll know what I am talking about. We, Indians love crossing the road at our own will and wish. Yes, there is actually a signal that tells us when its safe to cross, but what the hell, we’ll cross the road when we want!!

5. Thumb licking act of eating with hand

Like a true south-Indian, I love eating with my hand. What marks the end of a great meal, is the act of licking your fingers along with the happy sounds of blurrrrrrp and slurrrrrrp!

6. Bargain aka haggle with confidence

Indians love bargaining. Whether it be gold, clothes, utensils, or even a washing machine. We love the feeling of paying a price that we deem is right for the product. The vendor tries explaining that the price is lower than its wholesale rate, but that does deter us from arguing until he recedes and accepts our price!

7. Knock on your neighbor’s door for anything

A complete 360 from the American life, where one goes on for years without knowing who their neighbor is, the Indian way of life includes neighbors as the primary people in your life. These people, who live next to you help with babysitting, cooking, helping with apparel alterations, and even becoming your free grocery supplying you with sugar and milk when you run out of them.

8. The only way to learn is to learn by heart

This is what I am talking about!

9. We don’t believe in personal space

Its amazing how everyone you know wants to know how many dollars you earn and how much you spend on your apartment. Voila!! Can’t beat that.

10. Burps in public places are totally OK!

We all know that burps are not easily controlled. The Indian culture has accepted these bodily sounds in public settings as totally acceptable etiquette!


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